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Abagale Fischer


Fade Records
Abagale Fischer Beatport


This woman has been a die hard slave to the business for the past decade. She was born a singer and a dancer and has also been deejaying and producing since the early nineties. Her vocal capabilities are utilized everywhere from blues, jazz, down tempo, and varying house styles. Abagale has spent an enormous amount of time dedicated to her goal of actually "doing it all”, managing to get the ball rolling with her pursuit of an Audio Degree, fed by an undying passion for the culture.

In the past, she’s collaborated with artists such as Sam Mollison(First in Flight Recordings), Martin Accorsi (Yoshitoshi/Bedrock), and Mark Foster(Beyond and Back). Her most recent work A.B.E, is an original track engineered and produced by the acclaimed duo Motive, one of Fade’s favourites. Immediately after hearing its emotion, she lent her skills as a songwriter and vocalist. The song has now become an extremely anticipated release for Fade Records with new mixes from Motive and Fade’s own Greyarea.

Currently touring, she’s now deejaying in The Dominican Republic while assisting the creation of the countries´ Premier record store; “Xona.” Her goal has always been to permeate and uplift the scene worldwide, and now she’s become the American sensation of Club Abacus in Santo Domingo , known for guests like Anthony Pappa, Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, and John Creamer. Not to mention leaving the beaches of Cabarete in utter amazement after a performance alongside Ministry of Sound.

Always moving towards the big screen, she has been recognized for all of her talents by landing a major role in the film “Headspace”, a documentary on the underground dance movement. This movie has been filmed all over the world and will include interviews with Abagale and exclusive footage of her dancing style.

Given her natural talent, along with a few years to blossom, this industry will see the long awaited success story of a master of all trades, jack of none!

Or perhaps something dreadfully similar.