Top 25k on The DJ List


Burgas, Bulgaria

House, Progressive House

AKA: Zhivko Kostadinov

Housewives Choice Recordings, Natural Rhythm, Nervous Records
Aaron Beatport


His real name is Jivko Kostadinov. He was born on October 8th, 1979 in the seatown of Bourgas, Bulgaria.

His career as an amateur dj may be said to have started in 1994 when many of his friends constantly invited him to play music at private parties and various other occasions where a dj is needed.

In 1995 he met Nikolay Kapriev A.K.A. Dj Nikolay in the seatown of Nessebar. From then on Dj Nikolay has come to be his “teacher”. Aaron still remembers his words: “I won’t teach you how to become a dj, I will only let you watch and listen.”

Aaron was a warmly-welcome guest at each party because of his ability to mix different music styles from oldies through old school to r&b and dance.

Soon after his amateur career turned into professional because he was firmly determined to do the thing which brings him utter satisfaction.

Having gone through many seasonal clubs, DJ Aaron gathered experience behind the decks and in the meantime he got noticed by more and more people because his parties were extremely visited and people enjoyed his music till dawn.

In August, 1998, shortly after the end of the season and just before accepting the next offer to play in a club, Aaron had a bad car accident, due to which he lost almost all of his music collection and technique. The accident cost him 3 lost years during which he started to work jobs, other than being a dj, so as to be able to collect the necessary music and technical equipment again.

With the support of his friends and colleagues Aaron succeeded in getting back his position.

The ups and downs during all these years made him go into a “different” music style.

House and trance music were the symbol of future to him. That’s why he began to deal mainly with them.

On his way to popularity Aaron had an advantage over the others – he knew what it was to start all over again from zero.

Before long many of the clubs in his country started to popularize the electronic sound as the new dance wave and to him this meant that finally he would have greater chance to prove himself.

He didn’t take permanent jobs because to him it was important to play at many different places and show the mass the beauty of this new dimension.

In 2004-2005 he is invited to many various music events all over his country.

Aaron has the will to keep popularizing the sound he loves, not only in his country but also across the world.