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Aaron Simpson

Seattle, United States


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In business, they say ‘evolve or die’ but in no business is that statement truer than in the music biz. These days, longevity in the music biz is the exception rather than the rule. But when talking about an artist like Aaron Simpson, exceptional has been the defining characteristic of a 10 plus year career.

Starting in 1999, Simpson’s near constant metamorphosis has kept fans worldwide on the tips of their toes wondering where he’ll strike next. Starting as a DJ, Simpson quickly rose to prominence as Seattles most beloved trance jock, headlining shows across the United States during the early part of the new millennium. As his notoriety rose, so too did his passion for edgier sounds and in 2003 Simpson made the switch to drum & bass—a move that would be marked by a series of milestones: sharing billing with everyone from Andy C to Ed Rush & Optical to Goldie; a series of DJ mixes that have garnered well over a 100,000 downloads worldwide; garnering 4 of 5 stars from DJ Mag in 2007 with his initial foray into production with collaborator Brian Abbey on their tune Never Far from Right (Subsonik Remix). But those things don’t really paint a clear picture of what Simpson’s evolved into today.

Today, while still maintaining a rigorous DJ schedule, Simpson’s turned from mere DJ to label boss and owner of the widely successful Simplify Recordings. In just over a year, the label has risen to prominence in the digital realm to become one of the most successful and diverse electronic music labels operating in the US today. Focusing on bass music, the label has produced over 30 drum & bass, dubstep, glitch hop, and electro releases to critical and popular acclaim. Simplify Recordings has been instrumental in helping to bring some of the most cutting edge bass music in the world to light, including releases by Roksonix, NumberNin6, Love & Light, and NTRLD. With a wildly popular label mix series (over XXXXXX downloads and counting) and a slew of releases from popular and emerging artists world wide, Simplify Recordings is on track to become one of the top bass music labels in the world.

Label boss. Disc Jockey. Producer. Aaron Simpson’s worn all three hats in his past and seems to be showing no signs of slowing down. As a new decade unfolds, it’ll be interesting to see what Simpson evolves into next