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Vitoria, Spain


Platinium Records
A.Professor Beatport


He starts playing music at the age of 14 when he earns for the first time money enough to buy an electric bass guitar and a 20W amplifier. In his short career (3 years) as a bass player he was influenced by funky music, and he plays in 2 local bands in Vitoria (Spain).

He met some local djs (Alen and Asier Lopetegui) and he liked the idea of changing his bass guitar for a couple of decks and a mixer, and so he did, and started djing in 1996, playing records from “Harthouse” and that stuff finding at last his real vocation.

In 1997 he starts playing in some after-hour clubs in Vitoria and starts going to free-parties and rave-parties were he is more appreciated than in the clubs because in the small city where he lived they were not ready yet for the new techno he started to play.

In 1998 Dj Wano (Mule Prod, EH) , Dj A.N.I.M.A.L (Blamed Records,UK) , Kalen (Blamed Records, UK) and himself start to work all together and promote parties in the main clubs of Pamplona , San Sebastian and Vitoria in Spain.

In the year 2000 he works as resident Dj with Kalen and Kreator (aka Chit Chat) in a big club and there he plays with some of the greatest djs of the techno scene as G-Force , Fumiya Tanaka , Jay Denham , Gaetano Parisio, Leandro Gamez , Jerard Macias, Christian Wunsch , Groof , … After this he started playing in the biggest clubs of the Basque Country: Jam ,Teknika-Pagoa ,Revolution and Artsaia. During this time he keeps going to the rave-parties in the north of Spain.

His work started to get recognized and he started playing in the rest of Spain (Jaen, Ponferrada, Madrid ) and in the Antisonar rave-party in 2003 and 2005 in Barcelona.

In 2004 he starts working with Paula Cazenave, Dj Wano, Pat-Hata and Dj Morti in a new big project: Mule Producciones, where we can find Djs , Music producers , Vjs , visual art and a techno label.

Now they are promoting and playing in parties at club Pagoa (San Sebastian, Spain) and at La Cova forest club (Barcelona, Spain) with international djs like Marco Remus , Dj Lukas , Chris Liberator , D.A.V.E. the Drummer , Eric Sneo , Patrik Skoog, Dean Rodell, Udo Niebergall, Dj Emerson , Jeff Amadeus,…

In 2005 he takes contact with “Sabotage Crew” (Paris).Radio ABF (Paris) starts playing his sets in a “Techno-Show” and finally he visits the city with Paula Cazenave to play at Club Three and he also goes to Reunion Island (Africa) with Paula to play at “Safari Club” where they got big success, so they have ready a new Tour in Reunion Island and Mauricious Island on July 2006.

They also have played his sets in “Zona 3” the most important Electronic radio show in Spain.

He is Sound Technician and now he is also Sound Engineer.

As a producer he is working hard with Paula Cazenave to create their own record label (Ignored 01) and he also has a live act “ready to go” with Kalen.

As a Dj he plays hard and fast with an excellent technique with 3 decks playing records from producers like Patrik Skoog , Slobodan , Hardcell , Cari Lekebusch , Hertz ,… and he is also working on a 4 decks + 2 mixers set with Paula Cazenave , and they will start to have dates from February 2006.