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Adrian Simon (better known by his stage name, DJ A-PLAY) is an electronic disk jockey who specializes in various types of modern dance music. The Montreal native was born into a musical family with his father, Marty Simon, being an accomplished musician across the world and mother, Margot Glatt, being a song writer and singer. DJ A-PLAY began taking after his father by playing drums from a young age but soon found an interest in DJing due to a neighbor and close friend who has become an accomplished MC and DJ throughout the Toronto area.

DJ A-PLAY began mixing music at the age of 14 in his basement a variety of Hip-Hop and Reggae music. When a close friend of his took him to a nightclub, he soon discovered his love for electronic music. It was only a matter of time for this to occur due to the heavy influence of dance music throughout the city of Toronto. After putting more time and effort into perfecting his mixes, A-PLAY soon branched out into doing events throughout the Toronto area.

At the age of 17, A-PLAY moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend The University of Utah. He was the host of The Rush, an electronic dance mix every Saturday from 6:30 – 8:00 MT on the University’s official student radio station, K-UTE Radio. His energetic mix quickly became a growing success with numerous listeners across North America. During his time in Salt Lake City, he played at various nightclubs and events.

In the summer of 2010, A-PLAY moved back to Toronto to focus more on DJing. Upon returning, he joined The Toronto Collective which is managed by Latenites Toronto ( and Audio Academy ( Please check the event calendar or the fan page on facebook to see when and where you can catch A-PLAY live.