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Tampa, United States

Chill Out, Progressive House

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Welcome! I am a 26 year old producer/DJ from Tampa Bay, Florida. Since the age of literacy I have been on a mission to acquire as much knowledge as possible in all realms of the technology world and have refined advanced skills in audio/video engineering, web development, graphic design, computer programming/assembly and technology management to which I am currently in the process of obtaining my Associate’s & Bachelor’s degrees. Time permitted have also been involved in competitive gaming for over 10 years and as of recently assisting with testing and development as well as YouTube production and live streaming. Technology has and always will be integral to my day-to-day life but music is my true passion. Since my first computer at about 10 years old I have been absorbing countless influences from every genre and style of music and refining my production abilities which has led to the inception of my own unique style and feel for the art form. I spend the vast majority of my constructive time acquiring new methods and knowledge to overall better myself as a musician as well as a DJ in live settings. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with new people to explore the endless possibilities that can be accomplished in a studio. As well as releasing recorded live sets on the net through social mediums I also take great pride in releasing my original productions for free download. Music is all about passion and expression to me and will never put a price tag on pure creation and endless possibility. I grew up a fan of mostly Hip-Hop and Rock as well as classical orchestras and film scores but was introduced to various forms of electronic dance music in 2011 which has immensely changed the way I listen and produce. Various influences such as Pretty Lights, Dirty South, Alesso, Kaskade & more have come to be an embodiment of all my favorite styles of music growing up and have had an enormous impact on the style of music I create and enjoy. With the help of a few people in my inner circle we currently operate a privately owned recording/production studio and thoroughly enjoy working with artists of all genres and backgrounds. Having the opportunity to perform at events across Florida and beyond has been a beloved perk to what is my true desire, the music making process. I began playing live shows and earning residencies in 2010 and have learned what it truly takes to be a live performer. I have had the honor and privilege of performing at over 30 different venues in the Tampa Bay and greater Florida area, have tallied over 100,000 plays in over 110 countries worldwide on the internet, and most importantly have seen amazing places and met amazing people. My life centers around creating great memories with even better people and I have been blessed to be able to accomplish that in pursuit of my passion for music. A product of the digital age, I have always been fascinated and in tune with the way technology connects us and marvel at the way social media and music sharing have evolved into what it is today. Outlets like Soundcloud and Twitter now fill the void between countless aspiring musicians and an audience that has been relatively unreachable for far too long. We now have ways to connect with anyone anywhere in the world and I am truly blessed to have my future career work parallel the assistance of that growth of information sharing. As a perfectionist as well as my own biggest critic I have grown to understand the indescribable feeling of fulfillment when completing a musical composition or performing in a live setting. I am willing and eager to work with other musicians from all makeups and walks of life and truly look forward to what the future holds. Feel free to connect with me on all forms of social media and I eagerly anticipate the new places and people my future has in store!