A.D. (Orlando) Beatport


A.D. does not fall into a genre, he is found in a rare emotional mindset, crossing several styles. A mix of prog house/ trance and tech sounds, A.D.‘s mixing and production works are always a sonic treat taking the listener on a journey. With his first event in 1991 A.D. has had a special affection for underground electronic music. With over 10 years DJing under his belt and 3 years in the production Studio, A.D. has found his way playing event across the country and abroad. A.D.’s First Mix CD release “twilight” (2002) won acclaim, from Djs and dance music lovers alike. Starting the listen off with a slow churning groove and smooth liquid mixes, “Twilight” carries the listener lifting and dropping them on a soulful energetic journey leavening them craving an encore in the finish. A.D.s production mimics his DJing style. Deep yet intense music, driving baselines and haunting sweeps and samples fill the listeners ears.

You will find A.D.s Remix touch on various works From Grammy award winning artist David Gray to Progressive house and trance artists “Desert”

A.D.s production style of dark but funky 303 bass lines, tech inspired percussions and sweeping synths give him and unmistakable sound (often reffered to as “dungeon funk” dark and churning with a ray of light being in from overhead)