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Chicago, United States

House, Techno

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Dj 6 began working on turntables back in 1999 because of his passion with dance music. For Dj 6 nothing exists except for the music and the audience while he is behind the decks. Dj 6 has and never will be a follower. The music heard in a Dj 6 set will only contain music loved by Dj 6.

Dj 6 takes playing records for an audience very seriously. Never will he settle on a track or a set no matter if the venue holds 5000 or 5 members. You will not hear samples of his own name thoughout the night. Dj 6 feels that something such as that will destroy a track. It is all about the experience for each individual at the event. Each member will have memories from that event. The music played by Dj 6 will intensify these memories.

Dj 6 has experience with large venues such as: The Mission, Crobar and has even played for Energy 92.5 and 7. He has never been a Dj fearful to push the music right over the top. He is the Dj members want to lead them to the next level.