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5e Ri Ou S

Crawley, United Kingdom

House, Trance

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Deejaying since the age of 16 DJ 5eRiOuS has played played many locations, although it is so far only been his hobby. DJ 5eRiOuS is forever looking forward into new music with new styles and keeping up-to-date with the all known evolving music. His main interests are House and Trance. in his spare time he ensures a monthly podcast is released to keep his followers locked in for the latest and greatest tracks.

Currently Studying for a Electrical / Electronic Diploma in engineering, DJ 5eRiOuS does not get as much time as he would like, with plans to finish his studies in 2012, DJ 5eRiOuS Shall keep his head down and work on one of his biggest ambitions; to continue to educate himself and produce big room tracks!

Keep a close eye on this DJ, the coming years will be big!

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