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[fahyv bonds too kahr-buh n]


1. Electronic talent .two musically intelligent brains (as Gardner would say) with one goal: to make a significant impression on the electronic music industry that has influenced millions of people universally.

Yuri Tanfilov was born in the former USSR and immigrated to Israel with his immediate family at the age of 4. Yuri grew up in a family that encouraged multiple intelligences with music as the interconnecting substance. It wasn’t until Junior High School that Yuri started playing around with music whether it be forcing his mother to teach him how to play the piano or mixing songs via cassette players and vinyls. Upon immigrating to The United States of America and having difficulty with the language, Yuri learned that music would be a universal language that would quickly help him to become successful in school, extracurriculars, work, and friendships. Soon enough, Yuri was DJing at local clubs throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC and producing his own music.

Mikhail Shishkin was born in the USSR in 1984. He was fourteen years of age when he began his music career as a DJ at school parties. He attended a college for disk jockeys in Russia in 2001 during which he became interested in the production of music. Mikhail moved to the United States of America in 2004 and worked as a chef at many restaurants while producing his own music and DJing at many popular clubs throughout NYC as DJ Foggybrain.

Fate brought these two musicians together in 2006 during a casual outing. It wasn’t until 2010 that the two decided to produce music together, getting together at a studio to create melodies from a wide range of genres including: dance, trance, tribal, tech house music, minimal, etc.

Thus far, they have been signed to System Recordings, Yellowjax Recordings and Dbeatzion records, but not yet released. Scheduled releases will begin to appear in April of 2011.

2. Chemistry .Carbon is commonly known to have a maximum of 4 covalent bonds (8 electrons). Only under very intense and nearly impossible conditions can five bonds to carbon be possible.