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4 Speakers Sake

London, United Kingdom

House, Techno

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Theo Komp was born and raised in Greece and has established himself as a credible and well respected Dj playing in various clubs across the mainland. Theo has a Specialist certificate music production and professional studio production received from Berklee College of Music, now working towards his Masters. Classic Wabaso was born In London and has also built up a impressive C.V. playing in some of London’s major night clubs. He also has a BA in Sonic Media. Both Theo and Classic have a passion for music production and undeniable skills in Djing. Despite the obvious differences in culture and language, it became apparent that Classic and Theo’s style of production is different but very complimentary to each other and it soon became an obvious progression that Theo and Classic should start collaborating. After many studio hours and working together “4speakers sake” was born.

Classic and Theo’s individual sounds compliment each other to produce what is now a very distinctive and easily recognisable “4speakers sake” sound. The tracks that have been produced have been eagerly received in both London and Greece and the launch and 1st official public showcase of “4speakers sake” project and track “keep on” was launched at Ministry of Sound this year alongside Kerry Chandler and Bassment Jaxx. In the near future is an upcoming EP and various events in England, Germany and Greece. Moreover, they have been approached for remix work from artists across europe and the US.

The name “4speakers sake” came from the unique way that Theo and Classic play together using at least 4 channels to mix, with a combination of analogue and digital hardware. This allows them to experiment with different sounds and each of their performances brings something new.