4 Peace Beatport


Oldskool House DJ/Producer from Dallas, now Miami, who’s keepin’ it real, keepin’ it underground, and who’s been doin’ the damn thang since ‘89! I’ve performed at more shit that I can possibly ever remember so…..if you require lots of tacky accomplishments for booking consideration then piss off! I don’t wanna spin for you anyway cause you’re probably a douchebag and my wu-tang style is too raw for dat ass anyway. In addition to 4peace I also produce as one half of High Maintenance w/ J. Caprice & one half of SoulMates with my girl Camille. I’m owner of the digi-label Cabbie Hat Recordings (www.cabbiehatrecordings.com) & the co-owner of Juiced Music (www.juiced-music.com). I’m also the Jackin’ House genre manager at Traxsource (www.traxsource.com). I make house music yo!

Labels you can find my music on….

Cabbie Hat, Juiced, Bandit Beats, Fogbank, Guesthouse, Blacklist, Kleenhouse, HARD, Coyote Cuts, Whitebeard, Caliber Sounds, Central Music, Flosshat, Full House, Dustpan, Ficus Tree, Seshified, Sniff Your Ears, Native Soul, Restricted Access, HuHu, Black N Pink, Twisted Minds, Melon Dive