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4D was born by the fusion of a beat and a pixel , he understood that his mission in this human world was to change the environment of any human and not human being in this planet with his audiovisual and electronic creations.

His career into the electronic music started in 2001, playing psychedelic trance at parties and clubs in Mexico city and some other states of his country while studying Audio Production all these mixed with piano and visual arts studies and musical language.

At 2002 he created a label called “Noctambula” dedicated to produce electronic parties managing 6 artists of excellent level, this project finalized 2005 to start different and new projects.

2006 a new project has born, “Visual Beat Lab” a label with a principal objective: Work with and create digital media , electronic art and music. 4D collaborates at the project as Creative Director and Dj , playing electro trance and djing at some parties, festivals, clubs and private events in Mexico.

4D, the concept, comes by mixing three visual dimensions and 4th. one….the sound. The result a complete audiovisual concept that fundament his nickname “4D”.