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4 Am

Providence, United States

Hard Dance

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It all started as in 1997 as a low-fi project with the PlayerPRO .mod tracker, and slowly evolved, over 10 years, into the up-and-coming hard dance powerhouse before you today. 29-year-old 4AM is a veteran of the New England rave scene, determined to put forth uplifting music that engulfs the mind, body, and soul with pure energy. His more popular tracks have been described as large and epic, but his style varies from straight techno to deep house, to jungle, to breakbeat, to epic trance (and even a little happy hardcore)! Also having a reputation for Teflon-smooth mixes, 4AM played several shows as an amateur guest DJ at the now defunct Asylum nightclub in Springfield, MA. Now a regular in the Boston scene and a new face in Providence, RI; watch out east coast, because 4AM is unstoppable.