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San Francisco, United States

Breaks, Electro House

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3L3TRONIC 2010 //

Unique style, intense force, and torso twisting sound to make you wanna scream, 3L3TRONIC!! This

duo has the “it” factor that bring energy and entertainment beyond anything you’ve seen or heard

before in dance music. Male and female performers Vitamindevo and Bianca Dino, headliners in their

own right, make up the electronic music performance-duo, 3L3TRONIC (Three-L-Three-Tronic).

The DJ sets: bassy, dubby, techy, chunky, and even spacey original music blended with a unique

collection of psy-breaks, electro, and chuggy-progressive finds, creating a low-end journey full of

build-ups, break-downs, and break-throughs. “It’s battle scene between robots from the future and

tribal warriors!” Right now the show is about 50% originally produced material, with additional live FX

and synths. The 3L3TRONIC LIVE show adds live drums, live vocal performance, original visuals, and


“Right now we are working to finish a bunch of new singles and a full-length original album to be

complete by the end of 2010. Our music has it’s own distinct style even though we break genre barriers

by including everything from psy-breaks and peak-hour chuggy electro, to super bassy dubstep

madness. While it is obviously an expression of new and exciting dance beats, it holds depth and that

warm and cozy analog feeling.”

The duo has been giving away one original promo a month for free download as a way to promote

their music and gain feedback from fellow respected producers. Their tracks have received much

play and support from many well-known acts. Their single “Fembot Overkill” has been played on two

different radio shows on Area of XM Sirius Satellite Radio.

Over the years 3L3TRONIC has had the privilege of sharing a stage with talent such as Elite Force,

Ali B, Sub Swara, Jefr Tale, Justin Martin, The Scumfrog, and Wolf+Lamb.

In the spring of 2009 3L3TRONIC was asked to produce an original track for an iphone game called

“Circuit Strike”. Blending driving, fast-paced bass lines with glitched-out transitions, the music

changes and builds depending on your level of play in the game. This year the duo will be creating

the sound for version 2 of the video game.

2009 also saw the release of 3L3TRONIC’s remix of Mars – “Feel The Jam”, of the famous US trance

duo “Mars and Mystre,” along with the sweeping remix of Shotgun Radio’s – “Drive”.

In the fall of 2009, 3L3TRONIC was handpicked to play the main stage for San Franciscos LovEvolution

Festival in front of City Hall with a crowd of well over 5000, along side KJ Sawka, David Starfire

and the Mutaytor.

Beginning in New York City, the early years of 3L3TRONIC evolved when the two decided to play a

gig together as Bianca Dino Vs Vitamindevo. The energy in the crowd and the soaking wet walls

proved the sonic power they possessed as a team. As 3L3TRONIC, they rented a tiny music studio in

Williamsburg, Brooklyn to start experimenting with vocals and original works. “Having someone’s

energy to work off of on stage is exciting, and a duo meant being more like a band, freeing us up to do

more at one time. We are still developing how we create together; it is our job to help each other get

out whatever is inside us and blend it into something cohesive.”

For the next couple of years, they became deeply involved with the Burning Man community and

music scene, and in particular the Disorient crew, who always focused their energy on visually

creative and themed events in NY, with giant L.E.D. light installations, and costumes. They most

recently have been performing with a new camp called Robot Heart, which has been creating one of

the largest custom mobile sound systems to hit the festival. With the support of these groups, the duo

now has a fully developed Burning Man fan base that travel from far and wide to see them perform on

and off the desert.

“We were performance DJs before people put performance and DJs in the same sentence. We kept

getting booked and seeing the tiny hidden DJ booths that we were supposed to play in, and we knew

it was wrong. We wanted to be on a stage; we wanted to be seen; we wanted to put on a show that

made people dance like crazy and be visually inspired at the same time. That is what propelled us to

make our own music, with our own elements to perform, and our own visuals and look. Artistic

expression has many facets, and we plan on exploring the full spectrum.”