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3DmotionS, is a Tech House, Electro & Deep House Producer.He has been working on electronic music since 2006.3DmotionS was listening to trance tracks and slowly eased into it, after a while he try to creat some trance tracks. This helped him a lot by giving him a big experience in electronic music production field. His style slowly reverted from mainstream to a more industrial style, but even then things did not feel right just yet.T he more he matured, the more emotion you could hear in his tracks. After about a year, he could hear that trance was not the right choice for him. He noticed that he enjoyed listening to Tech House, Electro House, and decided to give it a shot. That moment turned out to be one of the best decisions in his life and from that moment on, his focus started facing towards Tech/Deep House & Electro House.3DmotionS first official release [2013/09/30] “No Problem (Original Mix)” released by “Riseup Records” it’s a great label which is already signed a big famous names such as Mark Knight, Funkagenda, JunkDNA, Matt Caseli, Lissat & Voltaxx… and his second release [2013/10/21] “Tunnel EP” released by “Housearth Records” a remarkable label from spain… “Tunnel EP” had a great success especially the track “Loops Cocktail (Original Mix)” which is Hit number 3 on the label chart Top 10 Tracks just after one week from the release date, but the best part is after the second week from the release date “Loops Cocktail (Original Mix)” Hit number 1 on the label chart Top 10 Tracks and it’s still number 1 until this day.Back to 2008 “3DmotionS” was inspired by the major producer Deadmau5 when he was playing on his public server “Mau5Ville” of a popular online video game called “Minecraft” then after he realized that deadmau5 is an electronic music producer, he started listening to all of his tracks and try to analyze them to discover the skills, hardware (Synthesizers/Analog Modulars) software (DAWs/Sequencers), plugins (VST) and other technics wich deadmau5 usually use them in his music production, he was also inspired by other major producers such as Wolfgang Gartner, Mark Knight, Daftpunk, Stimming, Max Cooper