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3 Am

Electro House

AKA: Paul Rusu, Aj Healey & Feddy Haze

B-trust, Movin
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3.A.M. was formed in the summer of 2011.

Since releasing their first bootleg remixes

that were featured on some of the scene’s

most trafficked blogs, and charting top 5 on

Hypemachine, these three have been hard

at work on their debut Beatport release on

Provoke: Clockwork Era.

They have played alongside some of the

world’s top acts, showcasing their unique

style of hard hitting electro house backed

by powerful melodies and rhythms. 3.A.M.

is about gritty distorted basslines and edgy

synthesis, combined with a focus on

dancefloor oriented drops.

With an arsenal of upcoming releases and

remixes that are sure to please the crowds,

keep an eye on these three producers who

are about to make waves in the EDM scene.