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3 Mor

Parma, Italy

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Techno

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Carlo aka Dj 3-mor (Tremor) was born in Italy in 1984. He’s always had a passion for electronic music and began playing hardcore in 2001 in various parties organized by him and friends in Modena. In 2003 He became the resident dj of the Hardcore-Hardstyle prive’ of Astrolabio club located in Parma (Italy).

Today Dj 3-mor plays in many Italian and Swiss hardcore events organized by the best european staff. His greatest values is that you never know what you can expect because He proposes an alternative and various sounds, to avoid commercial songs played from others djs. He can space from old style, early rave, artcore, main style, darkcore, frenchcore, industrial and also Prodigy’s sound, always 100% vinyl.

Dj 3-mor is also the webmaster and administrator of, the most important and visited Italian hardcore community with over 10.000 members, references point for all hardcore music followers and insiders.

Curiosity: In the 2006 Dj 3-mor was the protagonist of a tv episode transmitted on the Italian public channel “Rai Tre” that told and document how the young people live the night today, unlike in the past. He was followed by a journalist and a cameraman in Switzerland during a party.

Among all the Italian hardcore deejays was one of the toughest about drugs and violence, often associated with the hardcore scene by the media, and has always given positive messages through its website and during transmission in which he starred, to try to give greater transparency to the hardcore environment.

  • UPDATE * Now Dj 3-mor has left his career as a dj (2008) and closed (2009)

He has played in these Club:

• Adrenaline – Reggio Emilia;

• Astrolabio – Parma;

• Biella factory – Biell/Bienne (SWITZERLAND);

• Bombardier – Roma;

• Chic – Rimini;

• Dracula – Sarmato (PC);

• Ecu – Rimini;

• Exodus/Tempo – Gualtieri (RE);

• Expo – Vicenza;

• Florida – Ghedi (BS);

• Garage club – Castione (SWITZERLAND);

• Guayas club – Berna (SWITZERLAND);

• Jungle – Cremona;

• Il Capannone – Besozzo (VA);

• Italghisa – Reggio Emilia;

• L’altro music club – Pozzuolo Martesana (MI);

• Le Club – Cattolica (RN);

• Le Club – Vicenza;

• Le Colere – Merano (BZ);

• Le Cupole – Manerbio (BS);

• Kilowatt club – Treviolo (BG);

• Matrix/Dylan – Coccaglio (BS);

• Paiper – Quinzano (BS);

• Quentin – Lodi;

• Rodeo drive – Cava Marara (PV);

• Sassabanek – Iseo (BS);

• Shock! – Paesana (CN);

• Sunrise ranch – S. Severa (Roma);

• Titanic – Lugano (SWITZERLAND);

• Transilvania – Milano.