Top 5k on The DJ List

2 Chman


House, Progressive House


2chMan’s moniker was derived from his last name “Tooch” and all his mates use too call him the man, so 2chMan arrived. 2chMan was born in South African and then left in ‘90 to explore the world and to find he’s unique sound that he expresses today through his music. He lived and played in Spain, South Africa in the 90’s and now resides on the west coast of Canada. As he refers to it… "Music is my FIRST passion & second love to my family. Music, no matter what genre you play – is all uplifting and healing to the soul. Music makes the world come 2gether and Unite the global dance community (through the DJ.)No matter, who u are or what u are……Music has no boundaries nor judgment…….Music is our leader and we shall follow……….

2chMans passion and love of music drives him as he states the obvious. Music is 2ch’s soul and DJ’ing is the vehicle he rides on to interact with the crowd/family and feel the love/passion deep inside. Playing those sounds you want to hear at the perfect time. "You know it and I, no matter what we do, or what we say….Music is the answer and we all have it deep inside of us, House …Music. "

In closing, 2chMan has just had his 3rd kid …and is rather busy pursuing his career and raising a family. Not much time left, 2DJ he says…… but as he refers to it…….The good Life!

2ch’s quote

“Music is not without life and Life is not without Music.”

He concludes with the dj is only as good as the next rekkid. Just spin it!

pce,luv and music………out