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Simply stated, 23 is a musician, performer, and producer.

Conjuring chaos and hard-hitting production, 23 brings EDM performance to higher horizons with his spirited stage presence and on-stage antics, captivating crowds in a synergistic paroxysm of anarchic bliss.

His sonic architecture evolved from his training as a shred guitarist and jazz musician, fusing fast-paced lead runs with massive melodic journeys, all without compromising the semblance of big, brutal dubstep.

What the future holds for 23 is unknown, but listeners should keep their ears tuned for a diverse library of robust releases throughout the spectrum of EDM.

Rumor has it the Illuminati is using 23 to take over the earth. But you didn’t hear that from me. Fnord.


-Debut EP spent 5 consecutive days as the #4 weekly release, next to Tiesto, Bassnectar, and Wolfgang Gartner

-Debut EP spent 7 consecutive days as the #2 beatport DUBSTEP weekly release, second only to bassnectar whose release was out on the same day.