Top 25k on The DJ List


Reynosa, Mexico

Techno, Trance

22 Beatport


The idea of DJ22 was conceived in 1995 when Angel David Santos Rodriguez (which back then was called “22” by his friends because most of the time he wore jerseys with the number 22 on them) heard a compilation of electronic music called “POLYMARCH 95”, making of this his first contact ever with the genre. He suddenly felt the need for knowledge, he wanted to know how it was produce, how it was reproduce; and faster than you can say “DJ22” he was obsessed with the theme.

Most of the time he spent his nights researching about DJs and learned everything related with turntables and audio CDs, even before he had his own equipment.

In the middle of his High School studies, a new passion for him emerged: Disco Clubs. First he experience the life of disco clubs by parties that his school used to throw back then, but he began assist this places every weekend for 4 consecutive years as the only way for amusement. Sometimes he assisted alone, using public transportation and exposing himself to vandalism at late hours in the night.

During his University years he was completely focused on his major in Computer Systems and his ramifications, which of course, included visual and multimedia design, and this is when he had his first notions of music production. Using basic programs of the time such as FruitLoops, Acid Pro, Magix Music Creator and he then started to work with BPM Studio making mixes on computers. He wanted to listen to electronic music all the time, even when he got together with his friends, which by the way, did not always appreciate the enthusiasm of DJ22 because electronic music was not among his friends favorites.

During 2003, he bought his first mixer, a PMX3500 Gemini. This purchase was not entirely well received among his family and friends, claiming it was and unnecessary item for him to have. After that, he bought his first turntables thanks to the help of Okzido’s singer, Victor Perez. DJ22 had no problem using this equipment; he had been nurturing himself with theoretical knowledge.

In spite his great passion for rave parties and the life of a DJ, he is more focused on music production, and taking care of his parallel life as a business man in the field of computer systems, even though he never misses a chance to have live acts at VIP parties and Local Clubs.