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2000 And One

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tech House, Techno

100% Pure, Area Remote, Bangbang!
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Constantly reinventing himself, Dylan Hermelijn aka 2000 And One has been on the forefront of electronic music since the late eighties. Clear musical vision and a do-it- yourself mentality have brought him where he is today: leading some of Amsterdam™s most renowned technolabels and representing a sound and a scene that have captured the hearts of many around the world.

Heavily infected by the acid house bug in the late eighties, Dylan produced his first record at age seventeen – under his monniker 2000 And One. Not only was he among the first succesful Dutch technoproducers, he also was one of the first in this genre to perform live. In 1993 he laid the foundations for 100 % Pure Records with schoolmate and partner in crime Sandy HĂĽner. It has been a kickstart for the careers of renowned artists like Orlando Voorn, Steve Rachmad and of course for his own career.

The plug was pulled from 100% Pure in the late nineties, partly because Dylan was ready to pursue a different career. But the house bug isn’t easily exterminated, so after a sabbatical of some years he gave in to the ever lingering desire to create new music and put Amsterdam on the map again. Inspired by new artists and fresh sounds, Dylan decided to start exactly where he took off, relaunching the label and laying the foundations for Amsterdam’s internationally renowned New School dj/producer generation.

2000 And One struck back with a vengeance. His epic stomper Adonai Elohim (2005) immediately caught the eye of technofreaks around the globe. Then Tropical Melons (2006) became a massive festival hit, as well as Microfunk’s contemporary techno classic Pecan (2006). The list goes on, with last year’s album Heritage as the crownpiece of this impressive discography. A powerful hommage to the timelessness of house music, Heritage was picked up by many as one of last year’s best house/techno albums.

Besides making a name for himself as one of the leading techno artists in Holland, 2000 And One has created a platform for Amsterdam’s new school techno generation. To him it’s about building a framework in which artists can blossom as a collective. Thanks to imprints like 100 % Pure, Remote Area, Area Remote, Intacto, Bangbang! and Bitten producers like Polder, Julien Chaptal, Boris Werner, Bart Skils and Anton Pieete are now conquering the world with a distinctly fresh fusion of techno and house.

For himself, 2000 And One constantly seeks out new challenges and projects. His latest musical endeavour is a compilation for VOLTT, one of Holland’s most renowned techno festivals. In this compelling dj-mix many of Dylan’s own labelmates are featured, as well as some of his other favourite producers. VOLTTCD002 is just another proof that 2000 And One is spearheading one of the world’s most vibrant and resilient electronic music scenes.