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During the latest years Zicky, one of the most appreciated voice in the Italian nightlife, becomes very well known also as dj and producer, with the name 00zicky.

From 2000 he released several tracks on many important labels: such as ‘Madness’, ‘Follow Me’ and ‘She Wanna’ on the famous BXR, or the most recent ‘San Pedro’ and ‘Tropical Storm’ (Stereo Seven and MTM), till the latest ‘Chiffon Club’ released on Diva Records. 00Zicky is a very eclectic and original artist and he can use both instruments and voice to give his music a particular and suggestive rhythm.

In summer 2011, under the name of Backside Duo, a tech house project created with Joy Kitikonti and Bimas, he licensed an EP of 3 tracks (‘Boomboo’, ‘Get Off’ and ‘Tiger’) on the international label WR Germany.

In his dj set, his original tech-house sound is always combined with techno and progressive house elements. He always focus his attention on the dancefloor and he likes mixing sounds, also using sampler, controller, kaos pad and such elements.

Zicky is one of the artist and charter member of Metempsicosi, an international agency, with more than 20 years of experience in booking and events all around Italy.

In summer 2011, Zicky put out a new challenge, creating Club1: a travelling party, where he’s the resident dj and features new talented producers as guests. The party already stopped in Ibiza and in the most important Italian cities and it was a great success.