Distribute a track on LRD (Listen, Review, Download)

Let's get feedback for your track, you'll need to:

  1. Login or Create your Account
  2. Claim your DJ Profile
  3. Connect a Soundcloud Account
  4. Create your first LRD

Complete the above steps and refresh/revisit this page.

LRD is possibly the fastest way for you to get immediate+relevant feedback and usable reviews for your tracks from your DJs around the world.

Get relevant/genre-targeted feedback for your tracks+remixes distributed to DJs at The DJ List

Get your track in front of DJs, immediately. Plus you'll get full reporting and contextual reviews+support for your track.

How it works

  1. Create your first LRD (by selecting a Soundcloud Track above)
  2. We distribute your track via email to 100% of genre relevant DJ members on The DJ List.
  3. DJs access the LRD Dashboard to listen to and review your track.
  4. After Listening and Reviewing, DJs are presented a "Download this Track" link.
  5. You'll access your LRD Dashboard to see a report+reviews with support analytics from DJs around the world.
  6. Use this feedback for all future marketing+distribution.