Banner Ads

Advertise your banner on The DJ List. For the introductory price just $200 USD, your banner will run in random rotation at the top of or in the right column of all pages on The DJ List.

It works like this... Create a banner ad to promote a DJ, an album, a club, event, or anything you wish. Your Banner will display in random rotation on all pages on The DJ List for 30 days.  Additionally, you can check out stats on your ad banner (such as views & clicks) in real-time. Align your brand with The DJ List and advertise to literally a world of dance music industry member and fans. Create your banner ad now - this price will go up.

Banner Details: Your banner must be 145 pixels wide by 120 pixels tall and less than 40 kilobytes in file size.

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How Much Promotion Will I Get?

We have greater than 9 million banner views available each month. We divide these banners evenly among active campaigns. The number below represent an approximation of how many views your ad will receive.

There are 0 Active Campaigns as of Jun 29, 2022 at 4:17 PM UTC.

The numbers listed below are approximates and we make no guarantee that your will perform as listed below.

Active Campaigns Total Banner Views Per Campaign
6 1,500,000
12 750,000
18 500,000
24 375,000
30 300,000