About The DJ List


Align your company, brand or product with The DJ List today. From the most complex advertising campaign to self-service advertising options, we can provide you with a solution to meet your needs.

Please see our Rate Card for current formats, rates and additional information.

Email Campaigns

We offer newsletter campaigns and third party direct mail campaigns to our DJ members. Newsletter campaigns will include your banner, branding or messaging in our email newsletters. Third Party Direct Mail campaigns will provide you with 100% of the branding and messaging in the email.

  • Please email us for rate and information.

Self Service Campaigns

With our self service options, you can begin promoting in minutes. We have implemented a Credits system. Credits can be purchased and applied toward any of the following self service advertising options.

Any Members
  • Shouts - Shouts are 30 minute (or greater) text ads at the top of pages on The DJ List.
DJ Members
  • *NEW* LRD (Listen, Review Download)
    Distribute your track with LRD to get your track in the hands of genre targeted DJs on The DJ List. Email distribution, contextual reviews and statement of whether a DJ will support/play the track.
  • Mix/Track Ads
    List your DJ Mix or Track randomly on our homepage and at the top of our mixes section.
  • Event Ads
    Promote your events+flyers on The DJ List homepage plus the city and country where the event is being held.
  • Release Ads
    Your MP3 Release Ad will post your release on our homepage and in the right column of The DJ List.
  • Video Ads
    Your Video Ad will post your video on our homepage and on all pages that have videos on The DJ List.

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