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Josef Bamba Makes An Appearance On Uniform Beat

Freshly served up today through Swedish independent label Uniform Beat is the Josef Bamba remake of Oliver Ingrosso and Adam Avant's "Somebody," a track that has seen several high profile remixes over ...[more]

Classic House Meets R&B/Hip-Hop In Lafa Taylor & Aabo's Debut Album "Feel"

What defines an innovator? This can be answered in a number of different ways, but it all boils down to the mere fact that innovator's aren't afraid to create something unique- something that sets them...[more]

ReauBeau releases remix of Sektor & Subsequent and it is fire

Continual emerging artist ReauBeau is at it again with another killer track released last week. It is a remix of Sektor and Subsequent's The Siren which the original song is a high drum and bass track....[more]


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