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The DJ List is the largest directory of DJs of around the world. DJs use The DJ List to further promote themselves; music, mixes, videos, website, social media, etc. to our massive DJ fan and industry member audience. If you have not claimed your DJ Profile, you can claim your dj profile here (requires login). Profiles can also be claimed by labels, clubs/venues and agents.

Fans, and DJs alike, use The DJ List to keep current with the DJs they are fans of via a music and social media feed of the latest content being generated by DJs online.

Once you have claimed your profile, you can 100% of the content on it including; biographical information, social networks + services, and more. Doing so will provide the base for you to establish and grow a fan base on The DJ List -- which will then extend out to your presences online. Lastly, we've provided additional methods for getting exposure and more fans on The DJ List and beyond.

We hope you take the time to become a member our thriving community and further leverage The DJ List to promote yourself or entity.

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