William Crooks Gets Emotional In His Latest EP "Here With U"

04 November 2017 - - The DJ List


There's "club music", and then there's "music to cry to". But "club music to cry to" is a whole other thing- and William Crooks has got this "genre" down on lock, following his latest "Here With U" EP drop. 3 years of consistently possessing our souls through his grainy, sample-heavy and smooth slicing sound, Willy never ceases to sync our heartbeats in unison to thumping, lo-fi hip-hop beats while touching our souls with emotional, delicate melodies. Securing himself as one of SoundCloud's most talented exports that we've all ended up reposting at one point or another, the producer's craft and creativity truly goes unparalleled- whether he's sampling MAC DEMARCO's "Chamber Of Reflection", flipping an ANDERSON .PAAK vocal, taking inspo from Stranger Things or even sampling video game theme songs.

Lately, Will's been teasing us by incorporating some of his own vocals into his tunes- further epitomizing that there isn't anything this kid won't take a whack at and execute with prowess. He put aside his sample-heavy beats to show us a different side of the Willy Crook's soundscape- instead choosing to get super vulnerable and raw by debuting himself as a singer/songwriter. And thus, "Here With U" was born:

"Here With U" is the lovechild of old school, auto-tuned vocals (think Yeezy "808's and Heartbreaks"), melancholy ballads, dark trap beats and some of that signature Willy Crook's flair. Kicking off with the first single released off the EP "oceans", long-time listeners of the producer are pleasantly taken aback by uplifting pads, powerful lyrics, compressed drum kicks and a bittersweet melody. The high-energy hard-hitter "sleep (vip)" is the token trap number of the EP, having us make a swift transition from being curled up in an emotional ball to going absolutely off to a proper trap select.

"dust" is the one that really loosens the cogs in the ol' waterworks. Curling up in the crevices of our very soul, the track is more on the simpler side of Will's productions- yet still manages to cast ripples in our hearts with extremely real lyrics, a thumping bass and echoing xylophone-esque synths. Wrapping up the EP with the final cut "stay", it just makes you feel like you're not alone. Simple as that. And now it all makes sense as to why the EP is titled "Here With U".

It's been no secret that the constant stream of content that Sir Crooks has been putting out has been nothing short of stellar. But this time, he left us (and all of the SoundCloud community) stunned- by curating an unsettlingly perfect collection of songs that you would play on repeat post-breakup, that yet also somehow manages to get the trap arms pumping.

Big shouts to Willy- we can only wait to see what you serve up next.

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