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21 February 2017 - - The DJ List


Whethan is one of the most talented artists in the EDM genre right now who is absolutely killing it on his first headlining tour. The Savage tour has been making its way across Northern America, and has appropriately been given the title of his latest hit single Savage, which has drawn more than 2.1 million streams on Soundcloud. Watching his set in San Francisco, it’s obvious that WHETHAN has a gift for knowing his crowd. At such a young age, it should be interesting to see how his style and music career grows, seeing how he’s already headlining without even releasing an album. I highly recommend going out and seeing the amazing, natural talent that Whethan brings to the stage.

How do you decide what you’re going to play that night?

Usually I have a pretty good idea for the whole tour, I kind of like sat down and put together a track list of a bunch of songs that I’m gonna play. I usually go a little bit more on the hard side, a little more trappy, but I still mix up the pop and kind of keep it interesting. Definitely go a little bit more hard.

What’s your favorite song to play in a set right now?

My favorite song has honestly become either Savage at the end or When I’m Down has become a very fun track to play. I never thought it would but every time I play it I get a good reaction.

Is there any reason you close with Savage? Everyone was expecting you to open with it.

I think just go out with a bang. Go out with the track that’s just gaining the most. It just kind of felt right. When I first started doing sets it wasn’t done yet but I would still play it at the end anyway to still give people a sneak peek at what’s coming next. But now that it’s out I still just play it at the end.

How are you balancing tour and studio?

Now that I’m pretty much in full tour mode it’s been kind of hard but definitely right before tour started I spent the whole month in LA just doing all studio so I got a lot of studio time in before the tour started. And basically everyday I have off anyway, anywhere I’m at, I’m always working or I’m in a studio, and we had a bunch of days off in LA with full studio again so, it’s honestly been kind of nice. There hasn’t been too much separation.

When you have free time, no tour, no studio, what do you find yourself doing?

Sleep. I’m sleeping all the time. Basically if I’m not making music or touring or doing shows I’m just chilling.

How old are you?


So are you in high school or anything?

I graduated early, so I just had to do the first semester. So the second semester that’s happening now, I’m done, which is nice.

If you had to pick one thing to have with you on tour, what would it be?

Honestly I would say, I don’t want to go with the easy answer of my laptop, I need that, but I don’t know. Honestly just someone with me, like a tour manager. I got my homie Renny, with me, he’s been doing all the photo and video and just traveling with me. I need that cause I’m young.

Is there anything we can expect from you soon?

A lot of music. I have so many projects, like all different types of projects.

So an EP, some singles?

I don’t know if I can say this but I made an album with Oliver Tree, I have a couple tracks with him but we have a whole album that we’re probably going to start slowly rolling out as time goes on and then my solo album as well. I have a lot of music in the works right now. But it’s not like dire or anything, but a lot of music. And a lot of music that’s not Whethan either, just productions that I’ve done for other people, a lot of hip hop, pop, indie alternative.

So a lot of ghost productions?

Yeah, a little bit of that.

What’s your favorite genre besides EDM?

Basically alternative, indie, like that type of stuff. I definitely can see my project going in that route. The music I’m making is definitely a little less electronic but I’ll always have those electronic roots obviously because it is electronic, but it almost sounds indie alternative rock almost.

Kind of like When I’m Down?


What would you say your biggest influences in your music are?

At first the only reason I got in is Skrillex, he was just killing and it was so new to me, I never saw anything like that. But inspirations can come from like Flume, like music wise in the beginning he was crucial, like making me see this sound and everything. But after that definitely a lot of Passion Pit, and Phoenix, and a lot of alternative bands like, and people like that.

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