Walker & Royce Release Their Debut Album 'Self Help' on Dirtybird

18 July 2017 - - - The DJ List


Walker & Royce have turned inwards on Self Help, their debut album on Dirtybird. The release invites listeners on an out-there trip through the quirks and quips of an act on the tip of modern house music’s tongue. The result is a journey at times as fit for introspection as it is for peak club moments. It is this range that reveals the magnanimous personality of Dirtybird’s new golden boys as they offer up a selection of tracks of boundless creativity and sonic joy.

This explosive act climbed through the inboxes and hearts of the genre’s most sought after label-bosses in a few short years. Launching from Claude’s swift scoop of their Boy EP they headed straight into their next prowess on GREEN VELVET’s Relief via their Peep The Cat EP, and then into the studio with This Aint Bristol head honcho BILLY KENNY resulting in the collaborative heat of The Lonely Robot - with many more standout tunes in between. Now, with the world watching, they return to the Dirtybird nest armed with global club support and a devoted fanbase in tow.

From the first organ chords of lead single “Take Me To Your Leader”, WALKER & ROYCE open the floodgates through which their past and present collide. The familiarity of modern religion’s instrument of choice contrasts sharply with the party starting vocals of the duo’s longtime friend Dances With White Girls. The track’s quick switch to an intergalactic synth line lays the foundation for the album’s continued mirroring of vocals and hardware - if you listen closely, what you hear is what you get.

It is this interconnection between producer and vocalist that helps to create the deep sense of emotion felt throughout the release. By giving up the bedrock of song structure to the creative process of the vocalist, Walker & Royce explore a selfless and diversely passionate style of production known by few. Their journey is one defined by such relationships and this album stands as a culmination of the highs and lows shared along the way.

Self Help puts forth a career-defining debut album - a divergent project that lures listeners in with club ready grooves only to leave them in contemplation. Walker & Royce invite you to get lost in the flowing constructs of their imagination while they search for the constantly evolving remedy of Self Help.

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Upcoming Walker & Royce Tour Dates:
7/22 - RVDIOVCTIVE x SOUP Boat Party, NYC
8/6 - HARD Summer, San Bernardino, CA
8/11 - House Of Yes, Brooklyn, NY
8/19 - Daylight Disco, Chicago IL
9/16 - WEIDENDAMM, Hanover, Germany
9/22 - Waagenbau, Hamburg, Germany
9/23 - Platform, Shrewsbury UK
9/30 - Egg, London UK
10/1 - Kater Blau, Berlin, Germany
10/7 - Dirtybird Campout, Bradley, CA

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