Walker & Royce to perform in San Francisco on June 29

22 June 2018 - - - The DJ List


Since their debut album 'Self Help' from last year on Dirtybird, the duo has been gaining momentum on success. Apart from being one of Dirtybird's finest, their music is unique to their own as it invites listeners on a journey with their signature quirks and quips of modern house music. Gavin Royce and Samuel Walker has had an arsenal of releases even on GREEN VELVET’s Relief via their 'Peep This Cat' EP. WALKER & ROYCE is known for their catchy psychedelic vocal chops that are embedded with classic 808 basslines. Their latest release which is a 2 track EP with Chris Lake called ‘Close Your Eyes’ just dropped recently and it's packed with those infectious beats that keeps us dancing all night long. Don't miss their performance at 1015 Folsom on June 29 in San Francisco, CA.

Tickets for their show on June 29 at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco are available here.

For more Walker & Royce follow them on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify and Instagram.

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