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26 August 2017 - - The DJ List


Bass house is a genre that has taken the scene by storm, with artists like JAUZ, EPHWURD, AC SLATER and more. But if you consider yourself to be a well-seasoned bass house aficionado, then there's no way that you could possibly be sleeping on VOLAC.

This Russian-duo of childhood besties know how to bring on some serious earth-shattering, wobbly tunes that are bound to get you grooving. I mean, with a bass that's bound to hit you deep within your very core, hip-hop inspired vocals and some heavy G-house influences, how could you resist the temptation? Having had releases on imprints like CUFF, Night Bass and Confession, these boys are no strangers to having hit play streams that are well over a million- with tracks like "What I Got" in collaboration with DESTRUCTO and "Open Your Mind". Along with their VOLACAST mixes with guest selecta's like WILL CLARKE and DR. FRESCH in full force and having wrapped up a bunch of tours, these boys have been dominating:

Just to kind of kick things off, how did you guys meet?

Sasha: We have been friends since childhood for about 20 years, and we both starting liking electronic music- and after this, we started producing music together. I was inspired from EDM and he was inspired by tech house and minimal, deep house. So after that, we combined our interests and created this project, VOLAC.

What does VOLAC mean?

Sasha: It doesn't mean anything. One day we just made something that was supposed to be labeled as "vocal", but we made a mistake and wrote volac instead- and we liked it. It's cool because it came from nothing and nobody has this type of name. It's simple and easy to remember.

Simplicity is key- you guys grew up together in Russia, right?

Sasha: Yeah, we were neighbors for a long time.

So based off of your cultural upbringings, do you think growing up in Russia influenced your sound in any way?

Sasha: It's different. In the beginning, we were popular in Brazil. We made a track "Drug Dealer" and Amine Edge & Dance played the track in Brazil- and it blew up from there. 2 weeks ago, we came back from Australia and it was amazing- our very first tour. The U.S. is the best for us, and we're really happy to play for American people.

You guys mentioned your tour- what was the most memorable part of it or what was your favorite city to play?

Sasha: There were so many cool places- Chicago was amazing, Phoenix too. But HARD fest was probably the best one because the beginning of our set was starting off with 15-20 people and by the end of it, it was full. So many people came to listen to our music because they know about us.

Stas: They know about our tracks and it feels so surreal when they just go "Wooooo!" when they recognize our tracks.

That must've been your "holy shit, I feel like I made it moment". Going off of HARD and I know you guys released a track off his imprint. With everything that's going on with Gary leaving HARD, how does it feel to be a part of something that left a legacy like that?

Sasha: Gary [Destructo] always supports our music. He plays it in almost every set and we made a remix for his single "Renegade", which will be released in October. "No Love" is a special track for us because we announced our U.S. and Australia tour for this one. We made it a year ago and it's something special.

Stas: Everytime we play it, it crushes the dance floor. We believe in this track and everywhere we played it, they loved it and it was just like "bump!"

What was your favorite place you've ever played?

Sasha: I think Green Valley in Brazil. It's #2 of Top 100 clubs in the world and we played a festival in there. There was about 20,000 people there and we were on the main stage.

Going off of your guys' sound, you're both heavily immersed in the bass house scene. There's a lot of artists in that scene like Jauz and Ephwurd, so what do you guys specifically do to differentiate yourselves from other artists? Maybe any unique sampling?

We always try to combine hip-hop and bass house. Hip-hop is really trendy right now and we try to find some rappers and do some stuff with them. Everytime we use samples, sometimes we cut interviews and take some phrases from there, put it in our tracks and I don't know- it's a crazy technique.

Stas: It's our special technique! No one really chops interviews. In Russia, not a lot of people can speak without accents, so that's why it's so hard to find the right vocal sample for our tracks.

To wrap things up, what's coming up in the future?

In the near future, we have a release on HARD which is the remix for Destructo. In November, we're releasing an EP on Night Bass which will be our third EP. It should be something special and I think it'll be our best. We have maybe 10 tracks right now and we don't know which ones to put on this EP.

Stas: That's why we're touring and playing out tracks from this EP to see people's reactions so we can try to put the right tracks on this EP. But only the best ones will be on it!

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