UZ Takes Off The Mask And Releases His "Layers"

03 July 2017 - - - The DJ List


The wait is finally over, and UZ has at last released his full length LP "Layers," which has come out on his own bass label Quality Goods Records.

The release day also happened to coincide with the mysterious artist finally removing his trademark mask and revealing his identity, to which he said: “The anonymity was fun when I started it 5 years ago, but now I feel like there’s too many masked artists and it really has become more of a gimmick than a message. Our motto at the time was to let the music speak by itself and not focus on the artist. It’s still true, but now that I’m a curator and I’m working full-time on my label Quality Goods Records, I need to make myself heard, talk to people face to face, etc.… Also people need to know where I’ve come from and where I’m going - right here, right now. It’s just the beginning of a whole new journey for me and I’m really excited about it.”

The album itself is without doubt one of the most game-changing LPs of the year, and really is a testament to UZ's ongoing passion with the trap scene. Featuring all the singles he released this year, there are also new sounds like the powerful "Gone," the electronica-inspired "With You" and hip-hop cut "Paradise" featuring Axel Boy.

We suggest you sit back and flick through the whole album to help your Monday pass quicker - you can do so by getting a copy here.

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