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Underground Parties Still Rule Los Angeles

19 August 2017 - - - The DJ List


Last week Los Angeles was treated to a proper underground party as Wulfpack and Thunderbird helped bring together good music, and great vibes at an excellent venue. Wulfpack co-founder AARON JACOBS and Thunderbird creator Leah Ludwig, and their respective partners JAMIE SCHWABL and Brooks Wilkinson, brought in the ultra talented duo of AUDIOJACK from Ibiza to Los Angeles. There was plenty of parking as the party was in downtown and as you entered the space, cushions, chairs, fans, and soft lighting helped to bring a relaxed mood. The crowd was ready by midnight as Aaron Jacobs helped usher in the headliners, warming up the dance floor with a driving mix of dark melodic tunes. The magic truly rested within the passionate attendees whose nonstop dancing and endless positivity fueled the spirit of the night. Without the constraints of the club environment, locals, burners, and music lovers came together in a beautiful confluence that is unique to underground parties in LA. Audiojack played an enthralling set as they took everyone on a dynamic journey filled with many of their own tracks showcasing their production skills. At 2am, AARON BORDAS from Denver, Colorado took over the decks and helped close out the night with a banging techno set that kept the high energy going through to the end. It's special parties like this from Wulfpack and Thunderbird that keep the underground scene strong and vibrant in Los Angeles.

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