Tropkillaz Serve Up Four Fresh Sounds In A New EP

31 July 2017 - - - The DJ List


The TROPKILLAZ strike again this week with their powerful mix of Brazilian bass music. The duo, comprising of DJ Zegon & Andre Laudz, has just dropped their new "Tchum Tchah!" EP, out now on as a free download.

On the four-track EP, the duo are able to make tracks that feel both heavy and happy at all once. They seamlessly mix thudding bass with lighter percussion on opener "Disbroqueia a Tela," whilst "Bonda do Sorriso" perfectly exemplifies their talent by moving back and forth between slow-yet-frantic synths and snared out, trappy breakdowns. Meanwhile, their collaboration with fellow Brazilians DKVPZ on "Dibre" takes hold with frantic energy.

The "Tchum Tchah!" EP is Tropkillaz’s explosive signature style at its best - give it a listen below and turn it up loud!

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