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25 April 2017 - - The DJ List


Moogfest is back again May 18-21st 2017 in Durham, North Carolina taking on it's 11th year of honoring the spirit of Bob Moog. Moogfest has just announced their day to night program schedule featuring over 100 workshops, 77 performances, over 300 sessions across all program types. As the final additions were made a few days ago, we decided to make a list of what not to miss this year. Here is a list of our top 10 things not to miss at Moogfest this year followed by a breakdown of what you can expect for the rest of Moogfest. At the end of the article you can find the complete list of artists and performers and links to follow Moogfest through the four day journey.

Our list of programs NOT to miss!

These are in no particular order.

1. Flying Lotus & Animal Collective: Musical Performance

The musical lineup for Moogfest gets more and more impressive every single year, but this year the collection of new and well known artists is about to bring together the music section of this festival so well. Flying Lotus and Animal Collective will also not only be leading the Future Sound night program musical performances, they will also both be presenters as the Future Thought day program and keynotes.

2. Techno Shamanism: Workshop

Elizabeth Traina is a working artist, award-winning muralist, and light worker who will be leading a workshop titled The Future is Now | Hypnotic Journeying for Consciousness Awakening​. This workshop will explore, "the synthesis of entrepreneurship, art, healing, and consciousness awakening".

3. Protest Stage: Film Screening

Artist ​Zena Loxton ​screens the following film, which she directed, and hosts a related Q&A session. SpeakUP: THE POWER OF LYRICS​ follows a day in the life of Y'en A Marre, a group of creative activists, hip hop artists, and journalists who came together in 2012 to create a revolution through music in Senegal.

4. Simian Mobile Disco: Musical Performance

The legendary two of James Ford and Jas Shaw have taken new and unique to a whole new level: they've completely abandoned every tool they previously used to make music. The title of their last album Unpatterns says it all about their desire for disruption and reinvention – but for the recording of their new record, Whorl, they've started from the ground up and created an entirely new electronic system, and recorded everything entirely live, from scratch.

5. Sounds from Scratch: Build a Virtual Synth: Workshop

This is a workshop where you can learn how to build a virtual synth using Tassman. Tassman is modular sound synthesis based on physical modeling, where you are able to be used as a synthesizer and a real-time audio effect processor. In this workshop you will look at the fundamental components of a synth like the controller, VCOs, VCAs, LFOs, envelope generators, control voltages, etc., and how each affect the final sound. Taught by Scott Metcalfe who is a audio engineer and music technologist based out of Baltimore.

6. Quantum Time Capsule & DIY Time Travel: Workshop

Using Afrofuturism and science fiction as a lens, along wtih Octavia Butler's novel "Kindred" as inspiration, this workshop series explores and experiments with how one can time travel with everyday tools such as memory, imagination, manipulation of language and perception, music and soundscapes, or crystals.

7. Generation Z: A New Era of Creativity: Conversation

Everyone is trying to predict the future, but the youth of today are simply creating their own. "Generation Z" (Post-Millennials) is a demographic description for those born since the mid-1990s... after Internet ubiquity. Who are these digital natives? What motivates this generation? Where can we find their influence and how is this reshaping the future that we will all share? Conversation will be held and lead by Armida Ascano who is the VP of Insight at Trend Hunter. She runs workshops and trend sessions with companies such as Red Bull, Panasonic, Chicago Tribune and Universal.

8.Magenta Google Brain: Workshop

Magenta is a Google Brain project to ask and answer the questions, “Can we use machine learning to create compelling art and music? If so, how? If not, why not?” Our work is done in TensorFlow, and we regularly release our models and tools in open source. These are accompanied by demos, tutorial blog postings and technical papers.

9. Talib Kweli: Musical Performance

The Brooklyn-based MC earned his stripes as one of the most lyrically-gifted, socially aware and politically insightful rappers to emerge in the last 20 years.
“I’m a touring artist. I’m an artist that’s internationally known. I’m not just a local artist at this point in my career. I’m cognizant of the fact that what I do is beyond where it started. I’m trying to reach the apex of where I am now, but without turning my back on or dismissing what I’ve done before.”

10. Pie Face Girls: Musical Performance

Reared in the basements and houses of the Raleigh punk scene, Pie Face Girls are a self-taught, self-actualized trio who make a habit of disrupting conventions. Influenced by the grinding distortion of L7 and the Melvins and the DIY showmanship of Bikini Kill and the Germs, Pie Face Girls aim to leave an impression, period. Their debut album, Formative Years, was released this year on Negative Fun Records.


Over 150 avant-garde and some of today's most forward thinking artists have been announced including headliners Flying Lotus, Animal Collective, Gotye, synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani, Detroit's legendary Derrick May, rave pioneers 808 State, and Syrinx (first and only performance in 45 years).
Over forty performing artists will lead workshops and sessions at the independent annual four-day conference and festival program that takes place in Durham, NC May 18-21. This year marks its 11th iteration honoring the spirit of inventor Bob Moog.

Despite recent events surrounding HB2, Moogfest will stand its ground in North Carolina as a space for inclusivity which is reflected in many of our 12 Moogfest Programming Themes including ‘Protest’. In fact, this year Moogfest is dedicating a full stage to Protest. Art installations such as the global debut from R.E.M’s Michael Stipe, durationals including Laraaji's Sleep Concert, and other exclusive durationals featuring the one-off collaboration between Nick Zinner of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bjork’s favorite sound designer The Haxan Cloak. Check out the Moogfest Music Line Up for more exclusive performances.

Various educational workshops from harps & guitar pedals, to video CGI will be on full display and hosted by many female experimentalists and icons including Paris from Grammy Winners KING, Nona Hendryx, Princess Nokia, Colleen, Marisa Anderson, Elysia Crampton.
Moor Mother's Black Quantum Futurism program will be making its Moogfest debut that explores race, futurism, history and the intersection of personal and political. Read more here: https://thump.vice.com/en_ca/article/moor-mother-explains-black-quantum-futurism

Moogfest premieres its Experimental Film Series featuring live scores by 'Stranger Things' composers S.U.R.V.I.V.E, Suzy Analogue and VHVL collaborate to present the live score to the film they created and directed, No Moon No Man. Suzi Analogue will also lead a workshop. Dave Harrington of Darkstar fame premieres the score to occult film Haxan.

This year, one of Moogfest's Keynotes will be delivered by Physicist Dr. Kate Shaw who will speak on behalf of the Large Hadron Collider and will tackle questions angling towards what the LHC tells us about the future. Are we safe? What is worrisome about the future as predicted by LHC? What do we expect the LHC will continue to tell us about the universe?

A growing list of participants includes​:
Flying Lotus, Michael Stipe, Animal Collective, Talib Kweli, Suzanne Ciani, Mykki Blanco, Derrick May, Omar Souleyman, 808 State, DJ Premier, Jessy Lanza, Simian Mobile Disco, Moor Mother, Syrinx, Zola Jesus, Dr. Kate Shaw, Joe Davis, Princess Nokia, Function, ATLAS @ CERN, Adam Rogers (NCSU Libraries), Alexander Lerch (Georgia Tech), Alissa Derubeis (S1), Andrius, Andy Cavatorta (MIT Media Lab), Armida Ascano (Future Festival), Ashley Holtgraver (IDEO), Avalon Emerson, Baltra, Berklee College of Music, Bosslady, Brandon Stosuy, Charlie Gersbach (Duke), Chris Ianuzzi, Church of Space (CoS), Colleen, Container, DJ Lance Rock, Danny Deruntz (IDEO) Dave Harrington, Dave Rossum, Deantoni Parks, Dr. Timothy Hsu (Georgia Tech), Driftless Recordings, Duke University, Elliot Inman, Elizabeth Traina, Elon Katz, Elysia Crampton, Eric Lyons (Virginia Tech ICAT), Fannie Mae, Felisha Ledesma (S1), Flatsitter, Frankie Hutchinson (Discwoman), Gaika, Georgia Tech, Gerhard Behles, Gil Weinberg (Georgia Tech), Goldsmiths, Gotye, Greg Belson, Halsey, Burgund (MIT Open Doc Lab), Ivica Ico Bukvic (Virginia Tech ICAT), Jana Hunter, JDH & DAVE P, Jason Evans Groth (NCSU Libraries), Jason Freeman (Georgia Tech), Jessica Collette, Joe Zobkiw, Johnny Turpin, Jon Gibson, Joseph Murray, Jubilee, Julia Kaganskiy (NEW INC), Kate Shaw (ATLAS @ CERN), Katherine Hayles (Duke), K-Hand, KING, King Britt, Kill Alters, Krista Anne, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein of S U R V I V E, Hisham Bharoocha, Ladyfingers, Lafawndah, Laraaji, Lars Larsen, Lauren Di Monte (NCSU Libraries), Laurie Spiegel, Lena Willikens, London O'Connor, Marshall Jones (Give a Beat), MIT Media Lab, MIT Open Doc Lab, MNDSGN, Magenta by Google Brain, Marc Fleury (CoS), Marisa Anderson, Mark Katz (UNC), Mark Kruse (Duke and ATLAS @ CERN), Marshall King, Mary Lattimore, Matt Brown (IDEO), Matthew Davidson (Berklee College of Music), McQueen Adams, Metropolarity, Michael Bierylo (Berklee College of Music), Michael Clamann (Duke), Michael Winslow, Mick Grierson (Goldsmiths), Mike Roan (Virginia Tech ICAT) Miguel Nicolelis (Duke), Modular on the Spot, Monte McCoin (Give a Beat), Mumdance, NCSU Libraries, NEW INC, Nanny Cantaloupe, Nick Zinner, Nona Hendryx, Not Waving, Noveller, Octo Octa, Ono, Peanut Butter Wolf, Peter Hyer (IDEO) Pharmakon, Phi Unit (Give a Beat), Pie Face Girls, Pierce Freelon, Princess Nokia, Public Science (Francis Tseng & Fei Liu of NEW INC), Pye Corner Audio, Raj Bhakta (NC State), Rebecca Fiebrink (Goldsmiths), Dr. Richard Boulanger (Berklee College of Music), Rob Wall (Give a Beat), Russell E L Butler, Ry X, Ryan Shaw (Duke), Scott Metcalfe (Peabody Institute/Johns Hopkins), Senator Jaiz, Silent Servant, Sound Resurgence, Stephanie Dinkins (NEW INC), Steve Goldfarb (ATLAS @ CERN), Strider, Sudan Archives, S U R V I V E, Suzi Analogue, Synth Library, Taeyoon Choi (NEW INC), Tanner Upthegrove (Virginia Tech ICAT), Tasha The Amazon, The Afrofuturist Affair, The Haxan Cloak, Tom Richards (Goldsmiths), UNC, Valencia Wood, VHVL, Virginia Tech ICAT, Visible Cloaks, Vivan Thi Tang (Goldsmiths), Walt Gurley (NCSU Libraries), Wolf Eyes, Zena Loxton, Zoltan Istvan, and 3ZKL

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