Tom Swoon Joins Tungevaag & Raaban For "Beside Me"

24 November 2017 - - - The DJ List


Sounding like the perfect way to end a working week and push us through to the weekend is the new collaboration between the inimitable TOM SWOON and Scandinavian duo TUNGEVAAG & RAABAN.

They have produced the pop-edged "Beside Me," which comes with lashings of turbo-charged technical flair, infectious hooks and driving dance beats. Tungevaag & Raaban summed up the pairing by saying, "We are really glad we got the opportunity to work with Tom - such a skilled producer and DJ. Everything seemed to move really fast with this collaboration. We are happy with the result, and hope our fans love it too.”

Be sure to pick it up from here.

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Alana Schulz
tom swoon tungevaag & raaban

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