Teksupport Continue To Dominate As Mind Against Leave Their Mark On Brooklyn's The 1896

18 January 2018 - - The DJ List


Kicking off the 2018 year strong with techno deity VICTOR CALDERONE, Teksupport has proven themselves time and time again as a dominant presence in New York's house and techno scene. But it wasn't until Saturday, January 13th that they solidified their omnipotent status as they brought in the spine-chilling, Italian brother-duo MIND AGAINST as the first artist selects of the Teksupport_OTB 2018 series.

For those who know me personally, it's a well-known fact that Mind Against happen to be one of my absolute favorite artists of all time. As someone who to this day goes on and on about how brilliantly they graced the decks at Schimanski during Labor Day Weekend, or how sinister and disgustingly raw their set at The Paper Box was, there was something about this particular show that left me, and the entire The 1896 Studio, in shambles (in a good way). The brothers have a romanticized, angelic take on minimal techno wavelengths- viewed through a rose-tinted lens and built on complex, gritty textures. Everything about their Teksupport set rendered class and poise, yet still dripped with moody undertones.

The 1896 Studio was transformed into a royal blue cave of blacklight and white brick that night, equipped with a face painting station and multiple rooms with optimal space to groove. Arriving just in time to see UK native and Afterlife favorite VAAL, I was transfixed as I watched her wrap the entire room around her delicate finger with ease. Her effortless and laid-back demeanor was accompanied by hypnotizing rhythms and emotional elements that only emphasized how much musical depth she possesses.

Gearing up the crowd for 6 full hours of heavy hitters from Mind Against, Vaal laid it down properly right before she passed the decks onto the boys. And from that point forward up till the sun rose, that quaint Bushwick warehouse turned into a devilish playground- where even the inner crevices of your very soul could run free in.

I was smiling ear to ear with closed eyes as I felt the rhythm course through my veins and my heart beat sync with every thump the boys delivered- as I recognized ID's and similar set sequences from their Printworks London set a couple of months earlier. Through the black light and nitty gritty air quality, you could make out black silhouettes swaying against the blue and purple lights that danced through the crowd during hypnotic transitions. Cigarettes effortlessly dangled off their fingers that maneuvered the CDJ's with prowess- while the clouds of smoke emitting from the cigarettes were covered by the hue of the red and yellow lights that flashed in unison with heavy, pulsating kicks and crystalized synths.

The Fognini brothers took us on a journey into blissful oblivion from start to finish that cold, winter night, but all I remember are the overwhelming feelings of warmth that washed over me with every track that was played. With tasteful selects like STEPHAN BODZIN's 'Strand', JOHANNES HEIL's 'Gospel Thirteen', unreleased MANO LE TOUGH and their own recently released 'Days Gone'. Mind Against solidified their standing as absolute demigods.

Much love to Teksupport and Mind Against for creating a night that was one for the books- we can only wait in anticipation for what both of them have in store for the rest of 2018.

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