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30 March 2017 - - The DJ List


Reid Speed, head honcho of Play Me Record's, has teamed up with vocalist Burnheart for 'Animal' an electronic-trap driven big boom release. This would be Speed's biggest collaboration to date, streaming already 17.5 listens on Soundcloud in it's first month.

The song starts off soft and sultry like and dives head first into a trap drum that is bound to make you shake your head. Reid has been producing Bass music for more than a decade and started her own Play Me Record's in 2009, almost in it's first decade. Her singles alone have reached attention of numerous brands and launched her to play some of the biggest festivals in the world. With a track record like that, why wouldn't 'Animal' be any different? With over 17,000 plays on Soundcloud in only a month, we are almost terrified to see what that number will be in six months.

Keep an eye out for the continuous growth of this Bass Queen and expect greatest from her and Play Me Record's for the future.

Listen to the banger HERE!

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