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Sitting at the top of the indie dance charts is SOFI TUKKER with their record "Drinkee" which is about 36 million streams and counting. No big deal. This year, they released their newest track called "Fuck They" which at first listen is a infectious record that boasts its bounce as much as its melodic groove. The "they" draws from life's setbacks from being who you are. Still in the festival season, Sofi Tukker is set to perform at Outside Lands and we got a chance to meet them at an official invite-only afterparty at The Battery in San Francisco where they discuss their music old and new, touring and some exciting things coming up like their fall circuit alongside ODESZA.

How did you get int music from the beginning?

Sofi: The day I was born haha. I don't know what my day one was. I've always been into music - loved singing, dancing and moving. I started writing songs when I was really really young. Actually my mom sent me lyrics of my first song from my band called The Amazon Girls.

Tucker: I've always loved music. I played drums in the garage band in middle school. I was basically a Blink 182 and Sum 41 cover band. I put that on the back burner for awhile because I played basketball. Then picked it back up and fell in love with it - got obsessed.

Who or what is your biggest musical inspiration?

Tucker: Sofi. She's probably influenced the music I make more than anyone else.

Sofi: Now I have to say Tucker. We have a very yin and yang thing going.

Describe to us your sound.

Tucker: To people who have heard our music before, it's like just us. It's what we want to hear in that moment. It's what is inspiring to us, what's exciting to us, etc. To people who haven't heard our music, I'd probably say it's a weird, fun, thing mixed of house music, rock, punk, rap, etc. Genre is a funny thing for us because we really don't think about it. People usually have a hard time discussing what genre we're in but I think that's something we like and are happy about.

Sofi: Pop. I hate the word pop I can't believe I just said that.

Talk to us about your latest single “Fuck They”. What’s the story behind the music video?

Tucker: A lot of things inspired us to write this record. It's just about in general the people or things who don't let you be yourself and be comfortable with who you are and your decisions. There's a lot of examples in our own lives and also in our own heads we're like that sometimes. We're thinking about what everyone else is going to think - especially in the climate of the world right now.

Sofi: One night we wrote that music video treatment. We had so much fun just thinking of the most absurd things we could really. Just things that felt like authentically us. Tucker always wanted to hit is basketball coach back. I always wanted to squat everywhere that I am going. I don't know where the cup idea came from. We just wanted to have fun. Once we were at the treatment we were really lucky to find Mac who is one of our favorite directors and we are huge fans of his work. He ended up working on it and took it up to the next level.

Your success with “Drinkee” and your EP “Soft Animals”, was this a surprise to both of you the it reached 20 million Spotify streams?

Sofi: No way, it was such a surprise.

Tucker: We knew we liked it but we didn't expect, you know...you don't even fathom to go about how to get people to hear it. When you have no name and no reason to think people would hear it, it's hard to imagine, expect or dream - I think it's even past that now. I don't even know how that happened. It's really just making something that we were excited about. That's it. We're just lucky that other people got excited about it too I guess.

Do you have any upcoming releases you can share with us about?

Tucker: I don't think we're allowed to but we have a bunch. We're antsy to put some stuff out and we've already performed some of it.

Sofi: We have a lot of music and videos. You'll hear some of it tonight as well.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

Tucker: DIE ANTWOORD. I would love to be going on stage with them and go crazy. Also, our friends from Bomba Estereo are here and we are definitely making something with them soon. I'm excited about that.

You’ve had quite a massive tour schedule this year. How has it been and what would be your favorite place?

Tucker: It's been a lot. It's been a crazy year for us. One was our trip to Brazil when we played Sao Paolo. In general the whole three day we were there was just absolutely magical and incredible. Weekend 2 at Coachella was an amazing show and probably one of my favorite shows we've ever done.

Sofi: We're looking forward to tomorrow too.

Tucker: Everyone says Outside Lands is the sh*t. So we're psyched. Panorma, Lollapalooza...a lot of good stuff.

What is one festival you absolutely love?

Sofi: Lets choose Lollapalooza in South America. Because we want to do it so badly.

Tucker: So Lollapalooza is like a touring one and a lot of the acts go to a bunch of different countries including Brazil and we really want to do that.

What is one thing you are currently obsessed with?

Sofi: Mobot. So we have these water bottles that are both water bottles and foam rollers.

Tucker: I feel like it would be such a San Francisco thing.

Sofi: I rolled at the airport today, going to roll now and drink water out of it at the same time.

Tucker: You know, we get tight in all these car and plane rides.

Sofi Tukker continues to stand out as an unique artist and their performance this past weekend at The Battery served as a testament. After they dropped their hit "Drinkee" the venue was seemed at times overcapacity, completely went off as the crowd hand their hands in the air and four on the floor. There's just something incredibly magical seeing artists perform live and it felt almost like an otherworldly experience. They concluded their set with "Fuck They" which sat perfectly with the lineup with Bomba Estereo - Portuguese lyrics, bossa nova rhythms, bongo drum beats, and all. That night was definitely a precursor for what's better to come - their Outside Lands performance the following day at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Photo Credit: Toma Kostygina

Be sure to grab tickets to see Sofi Tukker this fall on tour w/ Odesza* here.

Tour Dates:
Aug 19 - Hamburg, Germany @ MS Dockville Festival
Aug 25 - Cuauhtemoc, Mexico @ SALA CORONA
Aug 26 - Monterrey, Mexico @ Hellow Festival
Sep 2 - Seattle, WA @ Bumbershoot Festival
Sep 23 - Las Vegas, NV @ Life Is Beautiful
Sep 30 - Paris, France @ Badaboum
Oct 1 - London, UK @ Oslo
Oct 3 - Berlin, Germany @ Musik & Frieden
Oct 4 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Bar Brooklyn at Debaser
Oct 20 - Los Angeles @ Staples Center*
Oct 24 - Santa Barbara, CA @ Santa Barbara Bowl*
Oct 26 - Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre*
Oct 27 - Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre*
Oct 28 - Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre*
Nov 3 - Vancouver, BC @ PNE Forum*
Nov 4 - Vancouver, BC @ PNE Forum*
Nov 8 - Minneapolis, MN @ Myth*
Nov 9 - Minneapolis, MN @ Myth*
Nov 10 - Madison, WI @ Alliant Energy Center*
Nov 11 - Chicago, IL @ UIC Pavilion*
Nov 14 - Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple*
Nov 17 - Montreal, QC @ Metropolis*
Nov 18 - Montreal, QC @ Metropolis*
Nov 21 - Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory*
Nov 22 - Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory*
Dec 15 - Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center*

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