SnowGlobe 2017: 5 things we learned during the festival weekend

10 January 2018 - - The DJ List


1) Travis Scott won the battle of the headliners hands down
Although PORTER ROBINSON, ZEDD and DILLON FRANCIS were on the same bill for closing out the festival, Travis Scott's hits packed such a high-energy set he easily stole the show. He drew the biggest crowd and got such a huge response from the audience, especially with his massive record "goosebumps". He even managed to keep the crowd interested with some of his less well-known material. There was a clear distinction on the overblown electronic dance music that's been so infectiously popular on main stages recently.

2) Being close to sub zero degrees at night highlighted some of the festival's activities
Can we just say how thankful we are to be able to still enjoy an outdoor festival in the snow with the number of heated areas that we encountered? The Sierra Tent and Igloo were completely contained and got very warm during the sets. Even all of the bars were closed and heated nicely with plenty of room to sit down and give our ears a rest.

3) SnowGlobe was surprisingly refreshing
Given all the festivals that took place this year and the fact that once you attend your first festival, it will never be your last, there was something incredible satisfying about enjoying music outside in the snow. While most festivals boast on their all-star lineup, SnowGlobe was a culmination of both talent and the entire festival experience itself. The minds behind putting this festival together are definitely saw the brilliant vision through with the beautiful landscape that Lake Tahoe provided to ring in the new year.

4) It wasn't just about the music
What continues to make SnowGlobe such a unique festival like no other is all that is simply isn't just about the who's on the lineup. This year we saw the Big Air snowboard and ski showcases from local Sierra at Tahoe pro-athletes as well as a spectacular nightly fireworks display. The art, decor, production and food stalls definitely kept us busy the entire weekend.

5) Hip-hop could be the the festival's new genre of choice
It's very interesting to see how different the lineups are from year to year. While electronic dance music has been the long dominant sounds at SnowGlobe, it's safe to say that this year's emphasis was clearly on talent we've heard on the radio that weren't just DJs. Sure, we might be slightly overstating our claim of EDM's demise, but when both R&B star Khalid and hip-hop sensation Travis Scott came front and center -- the crowd went completely insane. Could it be a gradual cultural shift due to the oversaturated bill of button pushers and knob turners? Who knows but there is a tried-and-tested formula: good music means big hits and main stages.

Photo courtesy of SnowGlobe

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