Slushii took San Francisco by the heart at Mezzanine

06 March 2017 - - - The DJ List


Mostly known for his incredible remixes, SLUSHII performed at the Mezzanine in San Francisco this past weekend to a sold out venue and it was absolutely phenomenal to say the least.

Slushii has been dropped solid records, track after track, showing no signs of slowing down at all. While he is currently still touring for his Slush It Up tour, be sure to check out his latest releases below and catch him in the U.S. for the rest of this month here.

During the last half of his performance, Slushii decided to turn it up a notch, with his very own live cuts and edits of everything from Linkin Park to Beyonce. It was definitely a night to remember and there is just something special that happened when he yelled 'whats up Bay Area' - everyone on both floors just went ape shit and started raging even harder.

We can't wait to see and hear more of Slushii as he continues to showcase his talent in both production and performance.

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