Sem Vox Releases 'Waiting for You'

24 February 2017 - - The DJ List


Sem Vox releases another 2017 anthem today, named “Waiting for you.” This Amesterdam based producer is still riding off of his release of his anthem for DLDK Thailand 2017 ‘Screaming and Dancing,’ and has graced us with ‘Waiting for you,’ as an anthem for Don’t Let Daddy Know Amsterdam 2017. Known for his sublime style, Sem Vex is a music making machine that won’t be stopped anytime soon.

“My new release on Armada called 'Screaming and Dancing' was also the anthem for DLDK Thailand, one of the coolest shows ever. I produced this track with the intention to make it widely available for many DJs to play during gigs. The focus is not so much on the sound; it's more important that everybody can play this track in a club, festival or at home.”

Sem Vox seems to be the king of anthems and his songs are sure to be played across the world at multiple festivals by many different artists. He’s also gained support from some of the biggest acts in the EDM world, such as MARTIN GARRIX and BLASTERJAXX. ‘Waiting for you’ will be his fourth anthem released this year alone.

“Just like last year with the popular anthem 'Get It Up', I wanted to make something special for all DLDK fans. Anthems should give a feeling of euphoria. I believe that a great anthem gives goosebumps to people and the melody should be catchy but innovative. In the past months, I have been working on multiple new releases, but 'Waiting For You' is definitely the best anthem for DLDK Amsterdam.”

‘Waiting for you’ came out at the perfect time, with festival season about to be in full swing. The track is upbeat and tropical, and immediately will make you think of palm trees and summer. SEM VOX seems just as ready for festival season, and states

“I love playing for bigger audiences. This year, I will be on tour with Don't Let Daddy Know inThailand, Scotland, Brazil and many other countries. I am so excited to announce that I will release a lot of new music this year too! Stay tuned and follow my socials!”

Be sure to catch him at Don’t Let Daddy Know Amesterdam 2017, being held in the Dutch capital on March 3rd and March 4th.

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