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02 May 2017 - - The DJ List


We sat down with rising star MAX STYLER to discuss his latest releases and what is in store for this new artist. What was once a simple opening set for Steve Aoki in his hometown, turned into a life changing moment when Dim Mak asked Max to sign one of his songs to their label. Everything can happen in a blink of an eye and we hope these next few blinks bring this kid to stardom.

1. You signed to Aoki's label Dim Mak at the youthful age of 18 years old, how did it feel to be approached by such an iconic label, be a part of their 20th anniversary, and sky rocket your career with one simple signature?
It was a dream come true. I remember playing my first show with Steve in my hometown a few years ago. After playing, Autoerotique approached me and told me that Dim Mak was interested in signing one of my songs. That in-turn lead to a meeting in downtown LA at Dim Mak HQ. It's funny that the song they were originally interested in didn't actually end up coming out but I'm stoked that they wanted to sign me as an artist instead and help grow my career.

2. You just released an EP titled 'Gold/Deep Dreams' which is a remix bundle. Can you tell us about this EP?
Yeah! After the Heartache LP was finished I hit up some friends of mine to remix their favorite songs on the album. Jameston Thieves killed it with his interpretation of Gold. He really managed to take the song in a new hype/fun direction. Flapo's rework of Deep Dreams was really melodic and deep while also keeping the same flow and chill vibe as the original. Lastly Awoltalk flipped Gold into his signature trap/future style. I always love everything I hear from Awoltalk and had to get him on the remix pack.

3. What made you want to do a solid remix EP?
The Heartache LP was made for chilling out and music you could throw on while you were driving. After the album was done I wanted to put together a remix EP of the album that was more geared for shows and parties rather than your car or bedroom.

4. The original tracks were featured on your 'Heartache' album back in 2016, why did you chose these songs from the album to create this remix EP?
No special reason, they were just my favorite songs on the album.

5. Each remix on the EP has a different flavor to it, how did you decide who you wanted to collaborate with on this EP? What is unique and different about this one and each one sounds so different from one another even though they are remixed on the same track (Gold).
Jameston Thieves, Awoltalk and Flapo are all putting out awesome music right now that I love. I reached out to them for the remixes because I wanted to get them to put their spin on some of my music. The end result was pretty gold in my opinion. (Pun intended)

6. Why did you chose to only have others remix the song and not do you own remix of your original track?
Sometimes it's fun to take a step back. I had gotten so close to those songs for a year or so and wanted to hear someone else's interpretation of one of the songs rather than just a new version from me. In my opinion I don't get why people remix their own songs. Once you create a song and you're happy with it, I feel like that's your best foot forward and you should stick with it.

7. Do you have other EP/albums in the works you can speak about?
Yes! I'm working on a follow up EP to Heartache right now among other tracks and collaborations. Also I'm working on an EP with Bok Nero right now that's nearly finished. I'm really excited to share all of it!

8. Can you share with us some festival/show dates you are most excited for this year?
I don't have a booking agent right now, so no shows on the books for the moment. I've been really focusing this year on making as much music as possible &I getting in as many writing sessions as possible rather than playing more shows.

9. Where do you hope your future takes you over the next few years? Where do you hope you are in your career?
In the next few years I hope that my music takes me across the world. I love traveling, and what better way than to travel while simultaneously spreading you're music to everyone. As far as my career goes, I hope to build more friendships with songwriters and other creatives. Being an artist in the music business is about the journey and not the destination. I enjoy everyday making music and hope my music continues to spread across the world as I continue to grow.

10. Last unrepresented question, but a very valuable one. What is the craziest, wildest, most memorable thing you have ever done, witnessed, or been a part of since starting your career? Even though this may be a short period of time, there must be something wild!
Honestly Tomorrowland takes the cake for me. I shotgunned a beer out of a shoe (thanks to Uberjakd) I played my first festival which was an awesome experience and traveling to Europe to play my music was a dream come true.

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