We sat down with Dirty Audio and talked about how he failed music class

26 April 2017 - - The DJ List


We chatted with DIRTY AUDIO to discuss life, music, and the fact that he failed music class. The very class that should have helped define his career, oh wait. Pulling out track after track over the last year, Dirty Audio has no chance at stopping short this year. See what he had to tell us about his previous releases, failing class, and what we can expect from him in the future!

Check out his newest release with JUPE to soothe your ears while you read.

01. Tell us about your most recent release of a remix for Afrojack
back in February

I woke up one morning and saw that Afrojack's team was asking for me
to remix his song "Used To Have It All". He was one of the first
artists I saw perform live so I just had to do it! For the drops I
decided to use more high pitched sounds because when I first got into
electronic music, Afrojack's dutch house was my favorite subgenre, so
it only made sense.

02. Tell us about your remix with DJ Snake and Yellow Claw from
December of last year, that was a huge release for you.

Both DJ Snake & Yellow Claw have been supporting my music for a while.
I checked my twitter and saw that DJ Snake messaged me asking to remix
'Ocho Cinco' and that song was one of my favorites from his album so I
jumped on it right away!

03. Do you have any releases/singles/albums in the works right now?
I've been touring a lot over the past few months so I haven't had as
much studio time as I normally would. I just finished up a lot of
music though, and i'm really excited about it. I'll probably release
them as singles.

04. We hear you are a big Hip Hop fan, any thoughts on doing a hip hop
collab in the future?

I would love to! That's a big goal for me, to work with rappers that I
listen to. Making a song with like 21 Savage, Future, or Travis Scott
would be surreal.

05. We have also been told you failed music class and that same
teacher ended up coming to one of your shows. Can you tell us about
how that experience felt.

Hahaha I was pretty bad in school. Also, the music teacher that failed
me and the teacher that ended up at my show were separate teachers.
That band teacher really hated me, I was too much of a troll in class.

06. What was the reason you failed that music class. Do you think that
had a lot to do with you pushing yourself to succeed in music?

It was because I really disliked school and the concept of being
forced to do something. I played bass and I learned how to play it, I
just didn't like being forced to. I'd always just troll in class and
mess up the school band's performances because I really hated being
called to school during weekends to perform in a band that I never
wanted to be in.

07. What was your favorite subject in school? Was it music or were you
interested in something completely different growing up? Was being in
music always the career path?

I didn't really enjoy any subject. Music class was band class and I
never even signed up for that in the first place. I did kinda like
phycology though, understanding people and the way they think was
pretty interesting to me.
But ever since the start of high school I was producing music, so I
knew that I just wanted to be home writing tunes rather than sitting
in class rooms and letting my good ideas go to waste. Music just came
natural to me, I never planned on being a full time musician as a
career, I was doing it as a hobby. If I wasn't a musician I would have
probably focused a lot more in school.

08. What are you most excited about for the remainder of 2017?
There are some crazy festival lineups i'm stoked to be part of and i'm
also really excited to release all the music i've been working on.
Can't wait!

09. What can we expect from you in the future as your career continues
to take off?

I will always prioritize song quality over everything. The bigger I
get, I will still always continue to make the best possible songs I
can make.

10. What is the wildest/craziest thing you have ever done or been a
part of since starting your music career?

I think probably touring India was one of my craziest experiences. I
was only 17 at the time, but I had never experienced anything like it.
The culture and lifestyle out there is so different!

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