Robotaki And Manila Killa Release "I Want You" On Moving Castle

12 July 2017 - - The DJ List


You know that moment where you hit that good ol' orange "play" button on SoundCloud- and from those first few seconds where the track is kicking in, you already feel your soul getting completely and utterly submerged into it? Yup, that's the exact feeling that you'll experience with MANILA KILLA and ROBOTAKI's latest tune "I Want You".

Following a string of sold-out shows across the West Coast, Robotaki and Manila Killa could not present their hit single at a better time. Matthew John Kurz's soft vocals pull you in from the start, while smooth plucks, a truly beautiful melody and glistening synths tie it all together to generate some serious euphoria. It's one of those feel-good tracks that just sways your mind, body and soul, and has you smiling from start to finish. And for some reason, I felt this sense of nostalgia while listening to it- as the track induced friend-filled, summer memories of genuine happiness and bliss. Trust me when I say you should pile your best pals into one car, get this tune going, put the windows down and just drive.

Get the track here!

Both of the boy's have experienced an overwhelming amount of success on their own independent projects- Robotaki having snagged the #1 spot on both Spotify and SoundCloud for his tracks like "Ghostboy" as well as his official remix for PORTER ROBINSON and MADEON, while Manila Killa makes strides with the Moving Castle brand and as 1/2 of HOTEL GARUDA alongside producer CANDLE WEATHER. But together as one collective force, they've made something truly magical.

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