Producers Social Compilation Volume 3

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30 March 2017 - - The DJ List



If you're looking for music that is next level and unlike anything you've ever heard before, then you've come to the right place because we are NOW PLAYING the latest from tastemakers, Producers Social. 

Earlier this month, Producers Social released the third installment of their ongoing compilation series, 'Producers Social Compilation Volume 3.' The 18-track album is a must listen, especially for those who are keen on forecasting what/who is next in electronic music.


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'Producers Social Compilation Volume 3' is a diverse curation of songs written by members of the Producers Social. The compilation features a number of distinguished and undiscovered artists who are pioneering the sounds of West Coast underground. The eclectic album spreads across many genres such as dubstep, glitch hop and drum n bass, electro house, trance, hip hop and funk, just to name a few.

What excited me most about 'Producers Social Compilation Volume 3' is that the majority of the tracks are collaborative projects between members who typically play different genres. As a result, there are tons of musical sounds most people have never heard before, or ever thought to put together. Now, these epic collaborations are spawning new genres of their very own. Furthermore, creating a unique, all-encompassing sound that is indicative of the Producers Social.

For those who are unfamiliar, Producers Social is a community of electronic music producers and artists of varying genres and styles. The upcoming West Coast based collective is focused around monthly meetings that offer a supportive environment for artists to share, get feedback and connect with industry peers. The meetings began in Los Angeles back in 2013 and have since expanded to 6 major US cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Arcata/Eureka, and Reno/Tahoe). The meetings that Producers Social are best know for are an invaluable resource for aspiring and professional artists alike. They encourages artists to follow their passion for music by providing a platform of opportunity where artists can interact with like-minded peers. The Producers Social community is an excellent source of inspiration, guidance and collaboration.

Producers Social Compilation Volume 3 Tracklisting:

  • Champagne Dreams - STEPHAN JACOBS, Axon Genesis, JOHANNA PHRAZE

  • The Abyss - DA MOTH, St4rfox

  • Rich Wine - Zimbu, AQUEOUSI

  • Blue Croissant - DREAMLYFE

  • 1st Market - Photon A.D.

  • Tangled ft. Taylor Love - Troyak

  • Cigarettes and Sage - Datacet

  • Vessel Dweller - West & 3rd

  • The World Is In Our Hands - FALCOR

  • Ground To Dust - Da Moth, VILLAINS, Dimbre

  • The Pickup Line - MISTER BOYFRIEND

  • Unintentional Machine Groove - WYRaM, Fetz

  • The White - Dimbre, Hippopotami

  • Gnew Stew - Fluctuating Frequencies

  • Neurotracer 5 - Lo-J

  • The Way You Move - FNGRNLS, LIL LUNA

  • Final Lap - LIGHTWERK

  • Emphatic - Higgzfield


    For more information on Producers Social or to attend an event near YOU, visit:
    Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | Spotify

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