A Photo Journey through Lightning in a Bottle 2018

04 June 2018 - - The DJ List


The transformational festival took place on Memorial Day Weekend at Lake San Antonio, and once again the Do Lab put on an absolutely incredible event! It’s easy to see why so many call LiB their favorite festival. Despite spanning a very large space with tens of thousand of attendees, it is able to maintain a real community feel. So many musical acts exceeded my already high expectations, and every workshop / activity I took part in was interesting and worthwhile. What really stands out to me about LiB though, is that on the final day of the festival, after spending 4 days there, I was still discovering more art, workshop areas, activities, and renegade stages. The attention to detail, investment in making the experience really unique, and community feel is what will keep people coming back to this festival year after year.

Heres a glimpse at the magic that is Lightning in a Bottle:

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Hagearty.

For more information visit Lightning in a Bottle.

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