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26 June 2017 - - - The DJ List


Party Favor is a DJ and producer Dylan Ragland from Utah and he's been on fire lately. Take a listen to his newest record for example here. We got a chance to meet with him after his performance in the Mad Decent tent at ID10T Festival this past weekend. If there's anything to say about PARTY FAVOR, he's definitely a talented artist who creatively blended European house, trap and pop into the most tasteful melodies.

How did you get into music from the beginning?

Oh man, well I have always been the guy who was always into music. People were always like 'yo man, you always have the new songs!' I had mix CDs that had the songs that nobody has heard. I didn't really sort of have a musical background in terms of like playing an instrument. For me it was finding things that I knew sounded good and I always had a good ear for music but hadn't really found an instrument so I transitioned everything through mashups from Europe where they were taking European electro and mashing it up with American pop music. This was like in the early 2000's, I guess when the Black Eyed Peas were coming up. The sound was really unique and this was before MASTERKRAFT, JUSTICE, etc. That's where it started. Slowly but surely I started playing these parties at my school in high school and college spreading my music and here I am now.

Who or what would you say is your biggest musical inspiration?

My basis for inspiration was people who are able to leave lasting impressions with people but also be really humble at the same time. People who work hard and create something different than everything else. I'm always trying to create that next Party Favor sound. Oh when someone says oh that's Party Favor, you know? That's my goal so I can stand out from the rest of these kids.

What's the story behind your name?

Aw man, I always keep thinking that I need to come up with a better story. I needed a name and I used to be a duo. I created that name and in literally like 4 months I'm going to switch my name because I won't have that big of a following and nobody would care. It just started blowing up and getting bigger and bigger and I couldn't think of a name I got stuck and here I am now.

Describe to us your sound.

I don't even know. It's hectic. Lots of energy. I use a lot of vocal type sounds. I use my own voice a lot. Maybe it's how I structure my songs but people have definitely always come up to me and say I can tell that it's your song. So for me that makes me happy. I don't know what that is so you'll have to ask somebody that!

Talk to us about your record with NJOMZA on "Caskets". Definitely has your vibe with a more catchy mellow melody.

Yeah for me, I can't just make one style or thing. I just don't sit there and always make big trap songs. I like to diversify my music because that's how I listen to music and that's how I absorb music. For me, I love stuff that makes you feel good and I wanted to make a song that made you feel like it was constantly summer whenever you listen to it. The reception has been amazing. I'm really happy and humbled. Hopefully people will keep listening.

Do you have any other upcoming records you can share about?

Oh man, I'm doing a track for LIL JON right now. Also got 2 CHAINZ and OFFSET. Doing some other pop production and got some of my own records and remixes. There's a lot of them but most I can't talk about officially yet. Keep an ear out!

You have a lot of shows this summer - how's it been so far?

I'm going to Canada this next coming weekend! Really excited about that because I love Canada. Shout out to Canada! Basically after that I'll be going back to Asia for a little run, just doing a bunch of festivals and kind of traveling around this summer. This fall starts my big fall tour. We're going to be creating a big fall tour. We're getting it all set up and getting all the dates locked down. Keep an ear and eye out for that and come see me when I hit your city!

I just don't sit there and always make big trap songs. I like to diversify my music because that's how I listen to music and that's how I absorb music. ― Party Favor

What's something you're most proud of this year?

Having my music in films. In a weird, twisted fate from being someone who worked in the film industry and always wanted to be making big movies. I have had my songs in big movies, trailers, commercials, etc. That was a really cool thing for me.

One festival you're really looking forward to play is?

Creamfields in the UK. Basically like the European Coachella. I'm really excited and I've been getting a lot of messages from my fans in England because I've never played there yet. Oh and HARD Summer probably.

What are you currently obsessed with?

Salted caramel ice cream.

Find out more about Party Favor here.

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